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This is a web site where we publish tech stuff that usually relate to;

We are a small techy team that produce digital concept solutions with an IKEA twist, and we try to work in the way outlined in The Testament of a Furniture Dealer. Faster, simpler, cheaper as we like to describe our development principles.

Everything you find on our pages is free, fair and fun - and always in beta.

  • In our apps section you can find all the things we have worked on that we can share with you.
  • In our media we publish on-line material where others talk about what we do.

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- Ingvar Kamprad

What's new

Being nice - Open AnalyticsMarch - 2020

In our efforts to try different ways of being nice on the internet we have so far removed all cookies, removed all traffic to third parties and created our own framework for collecting web site …

Being nice - Usage StatisticsFebruary - 2020

Collecting usage statistics is essential for us to be able to improve our web sites. Normally this is done with the help of standarized third party services, which works fine. The downside of that …

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